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In 1900 women’s life expectancy in Australia was only 54. Today it’s 85.

At 54, we’re just getting started. Our increased longevity means Australian women enjoy a “third act” their great, great grandmothers did not.

We’ll be celebrating the gift of living younger, for longer, by exploring different areas of women’s wellbeing each month – from the physical and emotional issues facing women in mid-life such as perimenopause and menopause, through to the financial, social and relationship changes that often accompany this chapter.

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6 common perimenopause myths, busted

A women’s health GP addresses the most common perimenopause myths – from the role of genetics to the efficacy of natural remedies

4 reasons weightlifting is the best exercise before (and after) menopause, and how to start

Menopause symptoms start around 50 for many people. Hormonal changes can include hot flushes, joint discomfort, low mood, and vaginal dryness. Menopause can cause muscle loss, bone density loss, and a reduced metabolism. Read for benefits on staying fit.

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