The Third Act is an exciting initiative that welcomes women over 45 to explore their potential and redefine their expectations of their health and wellbeing. We believe in the power of connection and inclusivity, offering The Third Act through our website, social media, and across our extensive network inside GP waiting rooms and pharmacies.

Celebrating the gift of living younger, longer.

The Third Act

In 1900, the average for Australian women was only 54. Today, our life expectancy is 85. 

Women have gained a third act, and we are just getting started.

We have created this holistic education initiative to change the conversation about women’s wellbeing.

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We’re excited to engage women navigating their third act, as well as doctors and healthcare professionals, to create a stronger healthcare community and to drive change. This isn’t just about women; it’s about all of us.

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This month we’re talking about… bone health

Bone health is a big issue for women. Hormonal changes in mid-life contribute to a loss of bone mass. But without strong healthy bones, we risk frailty and falls later in life which can have devastating consequences – a loss of independence, mental health issues and even an earlier death. This month, we unpack what you need to keep your bones at their best for a stronger, longer life.