For the launch of The Third Act, we’re starting at the very beginning, one of the most misunderstood and ignored chapters in a woman’s life: perimenopause. Whether you’re in the throes of perimenopause right now, or wondering how and when it happens, look no further. We’ve interviewed industry leaders to bring you the latest information and advice, as well as speaking to real Australian women about their experience.

Your ultimate guide to perimenopause

What exactly is perimenopause?

What to do if you notice a change in your period

Three factors that impact when perimenopause starts

How to prep for a perimenopause consult with your GP

Meet Our Perimenopause Experts

Dr Norman Swan

Physician, journalist & broadcaster

Dr Melinda Sullivan-Bunt

General Practitioner

Dr Thinn Thinn Khine

Consultant Endocrinologist/Geriatrician

The latest

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6 common perimenopause myths, busted

A women’s health GP addresses the most common perimenopause myths – from the role of genetics to the efficacy of natural remedies

4 reasons weightlifting is the best exercise before (and after) menopause, and how to start

Menopause symptoms start around 50 for many people. Hormonal changes can include hot flushes, joint discomfort, low mood, and vaginal dryness. Menopause can cause muscle loss, bone density loss, and a reduced metabolism. Read for benefits on staying fit.