Five Elements of Yoga Energy and Mindfulness – Kirt Mallie

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Hello, Kirt here from Owner Organic. I’d just like to share with you a very quick and simple way of maintaining wellness, it’s something that we forget about because it’s so simple. Today I will be talking about the five elements.

1. Earth Element

I will start with the earth element. We have this food body, this accumulation of earth, all the things that we eat. Are we mindful of what we eat? What is actually in our food? Organic food, of course has a higher life force or a higher energy in it, whereas if we have processed food, it has little to no life force energy. Therefore the more we can eat fresh foods, organic foods, even just healthy foods this vehicle, that is our bod, is obviously going to operate a lot better. You know what happens if you put diesel in a petrol run car, it’s not going to run too well. If anything, it will break down sooner or later. Similarly, if we’re putting in things that aren’t good for our body, it will slowly break down. We will actually age a lot quicker, we will deteriorate, become dis-eased, which over time will manifest into disease.

So it is extremely important that you connect to the earth element. You should also make time throughout your day to kick your shoes off and connect to the earth. We release free radicals, we actually release certain oxidants, it’s like a natural antioxidant to just walk barefoot on the earth. In this day and age, we have rubber soled shoes, we always have this insulation and don’t really connect to the earth element. You can try and take the time throughout your day, it is very important. Even if you are unable to connect, if you’re in a high rise building, have the intention that you are grounding down, feeling your feet connecting to the moment. You are going to connect back to the earth element and hopefully balanced that out at the same time.

2. Water Element

Now when it comes to water, on average, we need to be drinking two to three litres of water a day. Depending on your body type, your size, your shape, your lifestyle, your exercise, your work, other family requirements, you might need to either increase that or decrease that amount. It is very important for you to drink enough water. Don’t only drink water, but be grateful for the water that you drink. In this day and age, the quality of the water that we have isn’t the greatest, but if we can bless it, then it’s something that helps clear the energy. We will be able to absorb that water a lot better. Our physical body is 70% water and we need to keep that uptake to maintain wellness, to even create optimal wellness.

3. Fire Element

The next element will be fire and fire is our movement. We need to exercise for at least half an hour a day. If you can do more great, but it’s something you want to be enthusiastic about, something that you can have fun with. Whether it’s a hobby, a sport or any kind of physical activity that doesn’t become mundane. Do something where you can grow and develop. It is very important that when we create these rituals, these daily things, it becomes second nature, to be eating well, to be drinking enough water and also to be moving well, very important. But find what’s good for you because what’s good for our best friend might not be good for you. You might have a different body type, a different exercise, a different form of movement or whatever it is might be better suited to them than to you. And this is where we start to get to know ourselves and doing what’s best for our bodies and fits in with our lifestyle.

4. Air Element

We are going to the element of air. Yes, very important, the breath we need to exist. Without it, we won’t. So breathing deeper breaths is going to not only enhance your respiratory system, but it’s going to help balance and settle down the nervous system too. From there every other system within your body will benefit. They will start to work more harmoniously and work together more succinctly. The whole body is an accumulation of systems, energetic systems, which we can regulate that just through the breath. Our breath very important. Breath smoothly, deeply, evenly as much as he can. In some ancient yogas it is believed that we are all limited to a certain number of breaths. If that was to be true, would you breathe a little deeper with more awareness, with more presence?

5. Space (Aether) Element

The fifth element I’m coming to is aether, or the space. It is very important to give ourselves some space, just a moment to ourselves. Even if it is just sitting with a few breaths, just to connect, create some space from all the other things. Most of our life is very externalised on all the things we need to do, the job, the family commitments, whatever else, but when it comes to ourselves, we do need that space and time just to drop back, to connect back to our nature. Even if it is yes, as I mentioned before, a few breaths. Over time, you might find that you can sit a little bit longer, and see what happens.

So hopefully that helps. Five elements, you can do as thing we kind of do every day anyway, but if we do it more mindfully, then we are going to start to create optimal health, wellness, and wellbeing. Thank you.

Kirt Mallie, Co-founder and head teacher of Modern Organic.