The Four Elements of Life – Kirt Mallie

by | Christmas, Mental Health, Wellness

The four elements within ourselves are a great tool for helping to calm us down, make us feel centred and in control of our moods, thoughts and lives.

Hello. Kirt here, from Modern Organic. I am here to share with you today the elements of a four step process. This process is quiet flawless when it comes to working with any stress, tension, arguments and anything else we may be dealing with in our lives. It is a real solution when we get flustered and things get out of hand.

Earth Element

So, first and foremost, is the element of earth, that we are going to be working with. This element is similar to driving your staff into the ground and saying, “I am here now. Where is my attention and what is my attitude?” It acts as a good checking-in point. If you are angry, frustrated, anxious or any of those unsettling things, just take a moment and ask yourself, “Where is my attention?”, “What is my attitude?” From that, we start to bring in our awareness, that yes, I was focusing on this thing, and my ego was running the show. The ego is the drama king or the drama queen, we all have it. Often it takes over at times, but with awareness, we can start to stop it from taking over.

Water Element

From here, we come to the element of water. With the element of water, we need to calm the waters because it’s like staring into a lake. If the lake is clear, if it is still, we are able to see through the lake, to see to the bottom of the lake. We can also see the reflection on the surface. The reflection is not distorted iIt is the mind which distorts the surface. Like the wind blowing across on stormy days, making the waters very rough and wild causing the surface to become distorted and unsettled. This is what the mind does. As we start to take a few breaths to calm the waters, we can begin to see that true reflection.

Fire Element

That’s when we come to the element of fire. Fire is the ability to see, the sense organ of the eyes. What we actually do is we take a higher perspective as we look. For example, my attention is here, this is my attitude. Then, I got emotional, the waters became unsettled. But now, I’ve started to calm down, I can see that the ego was taking over, the self or the mind-made-self, that was not the true-self. The true-self is the awareness that is having a look, and it realises, “Aha, I can see what it is”, it recognises the problem.

Air Element

We now come up to the element of air. Air is a higher intelligence and it has to do with our heart’s centre. From this place, we ask ourselves the question, “What would love do in this moment?” And, love would forgive, it would accept, move on and offer compassion. Love offers growth from that moment and that awareness, it shows that it is no longer a programme that is running the show. We override that programme and take our power back.

So remember, where is my attention? What is my attitude? Ok, I need to calm the waters and it might take a few breaths, maybe a few more, depending on how worked-up you get. Then, take a look from your higher perspective. It’s like being at an arms length above your head. Then ask, what would love do in that moment? It’s a higher-self, your higher wisdom, higher intelligence.

So, connect to those elements within you as much as you can. And yes, you’ll learn to forgive, to accept, and offer compassion wherever it needs to be. Thank you.

Kirt Mallie, Co-founder and head teacher of Modern Organic.