Leaders and employees who harness their energy are the biggest drivers of success and growth in their industry. Unfortunately in a recent study the vast majority of business leaders reported they are not working at their optimal energy level.

One of the problems, is the pace of our hectic lives. We rarely find the time to feed our body the right nutrients to produce optimal energy. This, coupled with our sedentary working means we don’t get enough time to do any physical activity in between.

Making even the slightest adjustments to ones daily routine promises very positive returns. Start with a small amount of physical activity that you enjoy and isn’t stressful, pay attention to your food and make healthy choices. By paying attention to your health and fitness  you can dramatically increase your energy, productivity and overall quality of life. 

Energy-Boosting Habits

Instead of heading over to the coffee machine or drinking (or swigging back) your favourite energy drink, go for a short walk to boost your energy level and fight the mid-afternoon energy slump. Studies have shown that low intensity activity after lunch (like walking) reduces fatigue, boosts energy and keeps you from experiencing sugar crash from drinking coffee and energy drinks. 

In recent years walking meetings have become a favourite of many top executives and business managers. It provides people with energy, assists is blood circulation which has been attributed to clearer thinking and more energetic brain storming. In fact the late Steve Jobs swore by his walking meetings as key to some of the most revolutionary ideas. Being outdoors in fresh air and nature is an added bonus to being away from the stifling dest and office environment.

Our bodies are only as good as what we put into it. Good nutritious food is essential to optimise our mental and physical productivity. But so is when we eat, by having our lunch earlier for example, you avoid the mid-afternoon slump, balance your energy output over the day and manage your weight. You can have a snack later, just make sure it’s low carbs and high in protein.

How to Harness Your Energy

Healthy food, exercise and adequate sleep are the main ingredients in energy optimisation. To give yourself the best chance create a plan and schedule your meals, exercises and sleep times. Make sure you stick to these and make sure you get enough of the following in your diet and daily routines:

  • A weekly schedule. Work with the rhythm of your body to ensure it knows when it get’s in nutrients, when it is required to do stressful physical energy and also when it is going to get adequate sleep. If you don’t create a pattern, your energy levels will always be in a state of flux and you will find it harder to optimise your energy. You can make things easier by preparing and freezing meals during the weekends, so you can quickly reheat them as needed throughout the week.
  • Drink Water. Water is key to supplementing our bodies energy levels and helping it remove toxins and waste. Drink warm water as you wake up and keep drinking intermittently throughout the day. Don’t fall victim to adverts about the benefits of coffee and energy drinks. 
  • Enough light. Like all living things our body’s work with the solar cycle. Get a good nights sleep by turning off all lights. When you wake up make sure you get lots of good natural light, open the curtains and blinds and even stand outside for a few minutes before rushing on with the day. Good sleep and a bright morning sunlight is the key to maximising your energy levels. 
  • Exercise regularly. Regular exercise will lead to mental clarity and alertness, better digestion and maximise your energy levels. Even starting with minimum exercise is highly beneficial. Do something you enjoy so you can keep it up for a long time – walking, cycling or swimming. Make time for it during your day, even a short while.
  • Proteins. Proteins are essential to storing and producing energy levels and to overall cellular function. While Plant-based proteins are often preferred over meat proteins due to their minimal cholesterol, many plant-based proteins don’t contain all the necessary amino acids that our body requires. Make sure you read the label and consult a health worker to choose the right one for you.

Our bodies were created to be active. With the right food to fuel our energy levels and fun exercises to push our energy barriers we can get back to maximising our energy output. By doing these regularly getting through the day will become much easier.