What are the predictions for the Flu Season 2021

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19, Respiratory Health, Seasonal Health

It is important to wear face masks and get vaccinated for flu to avoid peak infection season.

Interest in the flu season Interest in the flu season in 2020 started off badly.

It was an early season and there were quite a lot of infections, at least in some states in January, but as we went into lockdown and separated, the flu rates went right down. So, the question is what’s gonna happen this year?

And it’s hard to tell, because, but most states, people are actually emerging and living normally and therefore, that is the environment to spread flu.

If we keep to mask wearing, but you know, that’s a difficult thing to ask for, particularly in public transport in the bigger states, that should help,  but we probably will have a much more significant flu season this year than last year and it’s very important we all get immunised.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist