10 things to do on Christmas Day if you’re avoiding family conflict

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Christmas Day alternatives

Sometimes “Peace on Earth” during the festive season equates to one thing and one thing only: solitude. If the thought of spending the festive season with your family strikes dread and fear into your heart, giving your kin a wide berth might just be the best gift of all. Don’t let a solo Christmas get you down, here are 23 glorious ideas to get you in the Christmas spirit.

1. Volunteer at a charity

Check out a Christmas Day Street Party. It’s main objective is to bring together the community. Every year, they put on a Christmas lunch with all the trimmings and fill the street with music and dancing. The event is a day for the whole community. Activities include: breakfast, Christmas church service, entertainment and Christmas lunch.

2. Head to the beach for a swim

A trip to the beach is always a safe bet. It’s calming and relaxing for the mind and soul while the sea air, ocean breeze, warmth of the sun are beneficial for the body.

3. Keep calm and read a book

Use the holiday to take a break from all the busyness of life. Step away from your screens and settle down with a wonderful novel or an engrossing reading. You will not need self help book for this one.

4. See a movie

Many movie cinemas are still open. Trot yourself off for a big screen fix of your choice.

5. Spend Christmas with your chosen family

You can choose to spend Christmas with different people, your friends, volunteer group. Christmas doesn’t have to spent with your “birth family”.

6. Visit the local zoo

Zoos are open on Christmas Day – some even put a lunch on! Check out your local Zoo and be ready to be amazed and wowed.

7. Host an orphans’ Christmas lunch

Open your home to those who are on their own, those visiting town for work, on holidays or who wish to take a break from their own family!  Get the conversation going on social media and ask everyone to bring a plate.

8. Indulge in Yum Cha

Your local China Town district is usually open for business, making Christmas Day the perfect morning for a dumpling fest.

9. Take time for solitude

Solitude is about connecting with your whole self without feeling alone or like you’re missing out of something. On this day, practice self-reflection, be creative, start an art journal, a vision board or reflect on your upcoming New Years resolution. Or you could take a warm bath, refuel or sleep if you need to. It’s your day to pamper yourself.

10. Spend time in silence

Attend a meditation retreat over Christmas. Vipassana, which means to ‘see things as they really are’, is one of India’s most ancient techniques of meditation.