Mindfulness Meditation – Kirt Mallie of Modern Organic

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Breathing and presence of mind are the key to mindfulness, meditation and greater wellbeing of our selves and our lives.


Hello. Kirt here from Modern Organic. And I’d just like to offer a very quick mindfulness meditation. It is something which if, everyone did a little bit of it, mindfulness or connection, throughout their day, then we would be able to live much more stress-free, carefree. We’ll actually be free.

Finding a Comfortable Position

This is a big part of our meditation and mindfulness. It’s about letting go and being in the moment, connecting back to nature. Our own internal nature is the nature of all things, everything. You can do this anywhere, at any time. You can be sitting in your office or having some lunch or just standing in the park. Find a comfortable position, whether standing or sitting. Once you are comfortable, roll your shoulders back and down, away from the ears and lengthen up through your spine. From this position, you’re welcome to either close down your eyes or if you’re uncomfortable, you can just bring your attention to a single point. Now soften the gaze here.

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise

What are we going to do now is bring the attention to our breath and start being ur mindfulness journey. Feel your breath as it enters through the tip of the nose. Feel your breath as it exits the tip of the nose. Just, notice the quality of your breath. Just use your awareness to notice the quality of your being. Be aware of the mind and its movements, not attaching, not a resisting. Just breathing and watching.

I invite you to breathe deeper, inhale through the nose down towards the belly, filling up your lungs. Now as you exhale, relax. Inhale with a deep breath, filling in new energy, new life. As you exhale once again, relax even more. Then take in another breath, expand, filling up your lungs. Now exhale, relax completely, here and now, into this moment. You can either continue with deep rhythmic breathing or, if you choose to, breathe more naturally. Just keep your attention on the breath as it enters, as it exits.

Self Awareness and Mindfulness Yourself

Once you are here, you might start to internalise your awareness even more. You might start to feel the breath moving in deeper, even start to feel your own energy. For some, it’s subtle, for others, it’s more significant. As you sit here, watching, breathing, feel, without attachment or resistance. If you feel your being, just be that being.

This being-ness is your essence. It’s your nature. It comes, it goes, it flows, the same as all things have and all things will. As you bring your awareness back to your external senses you might feel the touch of your skin, the air, your clothing, where your body meets the floor. You may lick your lips, taste your tongue, smell the air, or notice the sounds near and far. If your eyes are closed, you might notice the colour and shapes behind the eyelids or the vastness of the infinite. You will definitely notice the mind as it moves. Thoughts, come and go. Let them come. Let them go. Breathe. Remember to breathe. If home is where the heart is, it’s always here and now. We can get there just through the breath, feel the breath, feel your own energy and experience.

Ending Your Meditation

In your own time, start to make gentle movements. Start to externalise your own awareness. Your internal awareness, the presence about you. More calm, more relaxed. Now you’re also energised. Thank you.

Kirt Mallie, Co-founder and head teacher of Modern Organic