Child’s Pose (Balasana) – Eliza Hayward

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Child’s pose gently stretches the shoulders, lower back, hips, legs and ankles. It complements the beginning of a practice and throughout for its grounding abilities. The feeling of rest energetically helps to calm down the mind, central nervous system and massages your internal organs. During this pose focus on taking full breaths in and out, continue to relax the spine, neck and shoulders.


Starting in a kneeling position, spread knees wide, big toes to touch, sink hips to heels as you exhale.

Extend arms forward and lengthen the neck before placing the forehead to the ground.

I personally like to do this pose as a way to connect to my body and breath.


If you are pregnant please allow the knees to be spread rather than closed.
Do not do child’s pose if you have a knee injury or ankle problems.