Muscle workout: chest

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Two great exercises to work your chest muscles.

Push ups

Hands on ground – slightly wider than shoulders. Wrists vertically below your shoulders. Straight neck, back, shoulders & legs. Toes pressed into floor. Tuck hips & squeeze glutes. Lower chest toward ground. Keep your body straight. Press away from ground using arms & chest. Return to starting position.

Do 3x sets of 15 to 20 reps.

Dumbbell floor flys

Begin seated on the floor with dumbbells on your knees. Lower back & head to floor. Bring dumbbells above the shoulders. Palms facing inwards. Arch lower back slightly – pressing shoulders and glutes into floor. Lower the weights in an arcing motion. Keep elbows bent. When elbows hit the floor – pause briefly. Bring dumbbells back to starting position – stop them shy of touching each other.

Do 3x sets of 8 to 12 reps.


The exercises and information included in this article are general. If possible you should seek more personalised exercise advice and have your strength training tailored to your individual needs. If you have an existing injury or any health problems, or you do not already exercise regularly several times each week or you are middle aged or older, first check with your doctor about your suitability for a resistance training programme.

Before starting your resistance training, ask a trained fitness instructor about the correct technique involved in such a programme, including ways to progress your fitness gradually and minimise injury risk.

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