Does Type 2 Diabetes Effect Feet? Dr. Norman Swan

by | Diabetes, Foot Health

The key for people with diabetes is to get regular foot checks from a podiatrist who can keep your feet as healthy as they can be. And for non diabetics to be acutely aware of their sugar intake and blood sugar levels through regular blood tests.

One of the complications of diabetes is that you can get really significant complications in your feet.

As a result, you can get ulcers, toes that literally die, and all sorts of other problems. You can get Infections in your feet. There are a couple of reasons why this happens.

One is that uncontrolled diabetes can cause nerve damage. It’s complicated and not fully understood why it causes nerve damage. Perhaps because the artery supplying the nerves becomes damaged. What happens then is that you lose feeling in your feet. Things that normally you would feel, like a stone in your shoe or a bit of grit, you don’t notice these until it’s too late and there’s an ulcer formed in your feet.

If you have diabetes it is essential you get regular foot checks from a podiatrist and can keep your feet as healthy as can be. You must not smoke if you’ve got diabetes. Smoking is toxic for the small arteries in your legs, and you’ve really got to get ahead of the curve by a healthy diet, reducing your cholesterol, reducing your blood pressure, and giving those arteries and nerves a chance.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist

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