Have a Merry Covid Christmas with these 10 IDEAS:

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2020 and 2021 have been the strangest years of our existence. It has flipped everything we know and do upside down and required some very ingenious improvisation. 

If you are a parent in the middle of the COVID craziness, then I’m sure the holidays have crossed your mind, with a combination of excitement and dread. We’ve brainstormed some ideas on how to celebrate Christmas while Social Distancing.

1. Online Caroling. 

Caroling is a great age-old tradition. Families would gather around the fire place or out in the community and sing carols to bring Christmas cheer and lift peoples spirits.

Caroling has slowly died out of our social scene as people opt for more non-religious was of celebrating Christmas. We think it would be great idea to invite friends and family to have a communal online sing-along! Not only would be a little chaotic in the beginning to get he harmony and tune right (not to mention those who don’t even know the carols) but we could also take turns singing one by ourselves so the delay in transmission doesn’t spoilt the fun.

There are many ways in which this can bring people together, create some fun and laughter and maintain the sense of community Christmas is famous for. 

2. Send Home Made Gifts Through the Mail

Gifting someone a handmade gift shows care, thought and love. It provides a touch of your own personality and creates bond between recover and giver that is much stronger then any department store voucher. Make something gift for someone and surprise them through the mail.

3. Surprise the Delivery Workers.

As a kid we always left a Christmas Card for the delivery works and would hide and watch their faces as they saw a card addressed to them sitting on our mail boxes “Dear Delivery Person”. The are the real Santa’s Little Helpers. This year will be extra busy for them, social distancing and travel restrictions means more people will be sending gifts via post. Do your bit and bring Christmas cheer to those working hard to get our prezzies around.

4. Bring Christmas Joy to Essential Workers

They have been the real heroes of our fight against COVID and the social upheaval it has caused to our lives. From supermarket workers, delivery drivers, bus and train drivers, the army of cleaners and those in the medical, are of the many unsung heroes of this pandemic. Get your kids involved and make them special little ornaments, gift cards and out your own perusal touch to it for those who may not get the holidays off.

5. Have a Scavenger Hunt around the House

More of us will be in our homes this year than in previous years. Instead of getting overfed and bored, get everyone out and about with a fun filled scavenger hunt. Divide up the people in the house into a team and have a race to see who finishes first and gets the prize

6. Mystery Gifts

There is nothing more heart warming than getting a gift from a mysterious giver. Have your children choose several family members and secretly deliver them a gift. You can a small note of appreciation too.

7. Drive By Christmas

During Christmas we all love to go past house looking at the array of Christmas decorations. This year we can add to that by standing outside our homes and singing Christmas carols, waving to people and wishing Merry Christmas as they drive past. There are many drive by Christmas ideas online, including hanging Christmas cards, drive by tree decorations etc

8. Home-Made Christmas Decorations

Seeing your own handwork and creativity on display makes everyone feel proud and happy. Keep your family busy this year by crafting home made decorations such as paper chains and pop cor garlands.

9. Volunteer or Assist Those Doing it Tough

This year is tough for everyone, but there are many people who are doing it tougher. Many people have lost their jobs, seen their incomes disappear, lost their businesses and lost loved ones. As unfortunate as it is this also presents an ideal time for us to teach our kids the real meaning of Christmas – giving, sharing, serving and contributing to the welfare of others.
Ask your children to choose some of their clothes and toys to gift to kids who need them. You can also ask to give you food ideas on what to make or cook to donate to the local kitchen. 

10. Enjoy a Candid Camera Moment

Push away the blues of this of this year by posing for silly photos with your family and friends. You can dress up, pull faces or take motion shots doing something silly. Send it to someone you know who could be a good laugh and some Christmas cheer.

Laughter is the best medicine and this way you can help cure someone’s sadness.

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