4 Tips that will make managing your practice easier over the holidays

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The Christmas holiday period has traditionally been one of the hardest times of year to manage practice diaries due to patients and staff taking holidays.

Chris is the CEO of Cubiko and a Practice Manager. Cubiko is the leading Practice Intelligence Platform, and we asked Chris to share what Cubiko customers are looking at, ahead of the holiday season.

1) Diary utilisation – checking how full diaries are to manage doctor and nurse utilisation when staff take holidays and to ensure coverage and the best use of time

2) Staffing ratios – evaluating the Doctor to reception ratio and Doctor to nurse ratio to ensure the staffing mix is correct

3) Closed diaries – keeping an eye on upcoming diaries and if anyone is marked as away then making sure the appointments are moved. Nothing worse than arriving at work at 8am to find a full diary of appointments and no Doctor to see the patients and then a mad scramble to move appointments.

4) Frequent DNA – Appointments can be at a premium over Christmas and Cubiko helps you keep tabs on frequent no-show patients so you can confirm they are coming in for their appointments.

These are all 4 things Cubiko can help you with. Want to learn more about Cubiko? Then head over to www.cubiko.com.au or email info@cubiko.com.au

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