Video transcript

When you hear the word core you typically imagine strong, hard and toned muscles. The core consists of muscles that surround the midsection.

To reduce the ever present lower back pain and repair the abdominal muscles that have been stretched beyond recognition during pregnancy we look at strengthening your back  and hips to work in with your midsection. We offer basics to rebuild and restore your core strength like boat pose. Whilst targeting the abdomen, hip flexors and spine you will also improve digestion and relieve stress.


Balance on your tailbone and sitting bones, Knees bent 45 degrees and arms tracking in line with your toes, keep your chest lifted and do not round into the spine.


Do not do this pose if you have low blood pressure, or during menstruation or pregnancy.  Please see your health care professional for any serious side effects post pregnancy. Alternatively scan your body for any pain before challenging it.