Time to plan for the end of year holiday period

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As the end of year holiday period fast approaches, it’s time to start planning what your practice will be doing this year.

Will you require some staff to work during this period? Will you be changing your operating hours or closing for a week or two?

Determining what resources are required during the holiday period

If you haven’t already, it’s time to finalise what resources you require during the holiday period. Due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic over the past few years, it may be useful to look at the pre COVID patient appointment data from 2019 if you will be operating during this time.

Providing adequate notice to staff

Depending on the relevant Award or Enterprise Agreement, you may have to provide a predetermined amount of notice to a staff member of a closedown or if you require them to work on public holidays during this period.

It’s best to check the relevant Award or Enterprise Agreement. In some instances, you may be required to provide ‘reasonable notice’ which is approximately 4 weeks or longer.

If a staff member doesn’t have enough annual leave, the Award or Enterprise Agreement may allow you to negotiate the person taking annual leave before they’ve accrued it.

Providing adequate notice to patients

Practices should communicate the end of year holiday period arrangements to patients from early November.

This can be communicated via your practice website, social media channels, recorded telephone message and in person by your receptionist.

For those of you who have a myDr TV installed at your practice, we can help you advertise your change in operating hours over the holiday period on your myDr TV.

We can also arrange for the myDr TV to automatically turn off for the times when you are closed.

Please let us know by emailing customercare@tonicmedianetwork.com.au

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