Mix bill or bulk bill? What’s best for your practice?

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Business sustainability continues to be a major issue for general practice.

To assist you, our friends at leading practice insights provider Cubiko recently held a one-hour educational session discussing mixed billings vs bulk billing and how you can evaluate which one is right for your business.

  • Industry benchmarks between both mixed and bulk billing practices
  • How to run a break-even analysis
  • Analysing your private billing opportunity
  • The key tactics for a successful switch
  • Whether to bulk bill or mixed bill; the opportunities you MUST NOT waste.

To access the webinar recording click here

Important considerations include:

  • Do you need to get legal advice? (e.g. determine if a GP is an employee or contractor if you want to change the current billing arrangement)
  • How are you going to consult and engage the GPs and staff in your practice about the potential change?
  • How will mixed billing impact on patients and the care you provide?
  • How will you communicate any changes with patients and how much notice will you provide?