Five ways to say thank you this Christmas

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2021 has proven to be another busy and challenging year for practice teams across Australia. 

As you know, Christmas is the perfect time to show your appreciation to your hard-working practice team, large or small. Of course, this already happens at practices in many ways. 

Here are 5 ways you can say thank you this Christmas:

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fun way of presenting or exchanging gifts. Instead of buying a specific gift for each team member, you can purchase gifts that are suitable for everyone in the team.  

Gather the team together for a morning or afternoon tea, and during the event, invite each person to select a wrapped gift from Santa’s sack.  

It’s also a great opportunity to thank each team member in person.

Food Hamper

A quality food hamper is also a great gift idea to thank a team member. 

Alternatively, for bigger teams, you could consider buying a couple of large hampers; put them in an appropriate area and ask the team to select a few items from the hamper at their leisure.

You could complement this with personalised messages in a Christmas card for each team member, highlighting the important contribution they have made throughout the year.

Offsite Get Togethers

This is a great opportunity to get together informally, whether it be at a picnic, fun activity or having a meal at a local establishment. 

For a picnic, the practice management could purchase some of the food and the team could bring a few other items such as drinks.

If you are visiting a local establishment, you could consider putting a predetermined amount on the bar for food and/or drinks.

A Gift Voucher For An Experience

Depending on your budget, a gift voucher for an experience can be a fantastic gift. They can range from a movie voucher and zoo ticket to dinner at a local restaurant. There are also websites that cater for a whole range of experiences such as Red Balloon and Groupon, however these are generally more expensive. 

Practical Gifts For Work

People love practical gifts that they can use at work. Drink bottles, hand creams and beautiful mugs all come to mind. 

You could also consider gifts that brighten up their workspace such as a peace lily plant.