Ensuring patients book in for their booster shots

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By Chris Smeed – CEO and Co-Founder of Cubiko

With the rise in COVID-19 cases across Australia, and the national booster program well underway, it’s important that you implement strategies to ensure your patients are booking in to receive their booster dose of a COVID-19 vaccine.  

Over the past 12 months, we’ve seen hundreds of General Practices rely on their practice data to assist in the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, helping ensure that their patients were protected against the virus and helping them to secure their COVID-19 Vaccine Practice Incentive Payment (PIP). 

On the 23rd of December the Department of Health announced that a booster incentive of $10 would be paid to health care providers administering the booster dose. This incentive will be available until 30th June 2022. 

To secure this incentive and ensure your patients are protected against COVID-19 we recommend turning to your practice data to find a list of patients eligible to receive their booster dose. This article will outline some strategies you can use to ensure you’re booking these patients in and securing your booster incentive payment. 

  1. Bulk SMS eligible patients to book them in their booster dose

If you’re using a practice intelligence platform such as Cubiko, you can download a list of patients eligible to receive their booster dose, but don’t have an appointment booked. Give this list to your admin team to send out a bulk SMS inviting these patients to book in for their booster dose via your Practice Management System (PMS) or your Online Appointment Vendor.  

  1. Contact DNA’s to rebook missed appointments 

To ensure that your practice secures their booster incentive, it’s important that your patients attend their booster appointments. Should you have patients who DNA for their booster appointment, generate a list for your admin team to contact and rebook their booster appointment. 

  1. Keeping your data up to date

For the continuity of care and conversations around the vaccine, it can be incredibly beneficial to know if and where your patients received their initial COVID-19 vaccine doses. Your PMS, such as Best Practice, allows you to record if your patient received the vaccine from you or a different practice. When your practitioners consult with patients and learn that their patients received the vaccine from another clinic, it’s important that they record this information. 

  1. Connect with your patients on social media to let them know you’re administering the vaccine

Connect with your patients via social media to inform them that you are administering the COVID-19 booster dose. To avoid an influx in calls to your reception team, outline clear instructions on how patients can book in for COVID-19 appointments online.  

Cubiko’s Vaccination Support cabinet provides valuable insights into how your practice is rolling out the vaccine. You can utilise the metrics within this cabinet to identify patients’ eligibility and vaccine appointment status to help you ensure your patients are being booked in for their appointments. 

Next Steps

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