3 Ways to Achieve Success by Harnessing Your Energy

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Energy and persistence conquer all things.

—Benjamin Franklin

Energy is always allusive to the majority of us. Unfortunately in today’s world we start our young lives inundated with junk food and fast food and an oversupply of junk information. 

Our eating habits and our social and intellectual habits mean that our energy levels and focus are highly compromised and not operating at its optimum levels. We try and make this up with energy drinks and stronger cups of coffee which only result in an energy crash and then more energy drinks and cups of coffee and so the vicious cycle continues. 

This sets our energy productions and the parts of our body, including the brain, which regulates energy levels in a bad state. By learning how to tip the energy scales in your favour, the results can be almost miraculous. 

It’s never to late to start changing our habits and lifestyle. The relevance of energy efficiency affects every part our being and our life. It is an essential component to achieving success.

Energy is key to success

If we to microscopically examine the drive behind most successes we would naturally find our way to the energy level of the individual concerned. Whether it’s physical, mental or emotional energy it is what powers the individuals efficiency, motivation and opportunity. This is because success can be studied at an energy level.

By optimising our energy levels we can optimise our chances at success whatever that might mean to you. 

The first rule of success, and the one that supersedes all others, is to have energy. It is important to know how to concentrate it, how to husband it, how to focus it on important things instead of frittering it away on trivia.

—Michael Korda

Be a Magnet for Opportunities and  Achievements

At least according to biology it does.

Simply put, particles within every atom, within every cell of our bodies, throw off a frequency of energy in every direction. This energy is either in a “grounded” or “excited” state, which dictates its ability to attract, absorb and affect its environment.

Low or grounded energy is a less magnetized one, meaning it attracts and absorbs less particles around it. It doesn’t affect the surrounding space much, if at all. Excited energy is as you would imagine: The particles within an atom are buzzing at a high frequency attracting, absorbing and affecting everything in its space.

This pattern plays out at every level inside your body and even in the way your body interacts with the world around it. Optimize your energy and you optimize your ability to both attract what you want and create the movement in your environment necessary to accomplish that thing.

Be Positive and Amazing Results Will Follow

Energy is the the frequency of creativity and inspiration and purposeful action. It’s where the optimal state of existence, what many scientists have called flow state, exists.

According to experts, a large number of people suffer from fatigue with an increasing number diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome. This interferes with peoples live, productivvity, relationships and overall affects the state of the nation. In some countries the situation is so dire experts are referring to is as an epidemic and medicating an ever increasing population of people. 

It is definitely time to take charge of our energy levels and direct it in our favour. 

Below are a few suggestions on small life changes that can have profoundly positive affect on your energy levels:

1. Get in sync with your Circadian rhythms

Our body operates according to an internal 24 hour clock that governs our biological and neurological function, this is referred to as the Circadian rhythm. The Circadian rhythm tells us what is the optimal time to do each of our daily function, from sleeping, eating and when is the right time to do mentally challenging work.

By learning our natural energetic rhythms and working within the cycles we can optimise our productivity and also add tremendous value to other ares of our life. The fact that our body operates on a 24 hour cycle and has the same biological demands, proves that daily routines which fit our circadian rhythm are valuable to our lives. 

2. Harness your optimism

Recent scientific experiments and tests have revealed that our brains in fact release energy in the same way as the micro particles inside of us. This release then creates a vibration whose frequency can actually be measured.

According to these clinical researches, our vibrations are lowered by 12Mhz when we are having negative thoughts and increase by 10MHz

When we couple this with the research that suggests energy at a higher frequency (when you are excited and positive) creates movements in our environment making it possible for us to attract what we want and achieve what we aim for, we become armed with a solid plan on how to optimise our energy and achieve great things in life. 

To transfer this from the world of metaphysical to the world of achievable steps, a recent Stanford Research Institute’s discovery might be able to better help you start on your journey:

“Success is based on 88 percent mental attitude and 12 percent knowledge and skills.”

3. Plan your flow of energy

At every level of our biology we see the value of an ebb and flow. Three biological patterns stand out, however:

  • The law of energy conservation dictates that energy cannot be produced but simply converted from one form to another. This conversion, is what sustains us energetically throughout the day. Our excited energetic is proportional to the energy we converse in our grounded state.
  • Ultradian cycles, these are cycles of life shorted then 24 hours, and tell us that our brains can focus at maximum for 90 to a 120 minutes. After that we require a rest of 20 minutes to return to our optimal mental energy. 
  • Circaseptan cycles, these are our biological seven day cycle. This means that a proper rest period dictates how our optimal our heartbeat, blood pressure, body temperature, and hormone levels will be over a seven-day period. 

By maximising a proper rest period—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – we can optimise our energy levels and give ourselves an amazing opportunity to succeed at whatever we set out to do in life or on the day.