Back Bend Pose – Eliza Hayward

by | Exercise and Fitness, Wellness

Counteract the effects on the spine of long periods sitting down. Perhaps you have fallen into the easy tendency of slouching. Defeat the long term consequences by starting to explore the flexibility of your spine.

By releasing tightness in the middle back you aid the healing process of the spine. Relieving back pain can also help with anxiety, stress and chronic pain. Plus, backbends are aimed to invigorate, by opening the front of the body the nervous system will be stimulated.


​Sit up tall on the edge of the seat, reach behind you and place your hands on the chair whilst firmly planting the feet into the ground.  Push the chest forward and draw the shoulders away from the ears. If you have no neck injuries and it’s ok for the neck, you can slowly drop it back. Hold for 5 breaths.