Video: All it takes is 5 nights of bad sleep

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Video transcript

A report commissioned by the Federal Government has found 5 nights of bad sleep –

  • can put your body in a pre-diabetic state
  • for young men – a dramatic, but temporary, drop in testosterone levels.

Poor sleep generally is associated with –

  • 20 to 40% increase in chronic health issues
  • Higher risk of obesity
  • Mental health issues
  • Reduced work productivity
  • More road accidents than alcohol and drugs combined.

So what is a good night’s sleep?

Most adults need 7 – 8 hrs a night

Sleep tips –

  • Set a regular bedtime and wake up time
  • Turn off smartphones, digital devices one hour before bedtime
  • Limit caffeine and alcohol during the day
  • Eat dinner at least 2 hrs before bedtime
  • Comfortable bed and pillow
  • Dark bedroom
  • Meditate to reduce stress
  • Physical exercise during the day.

The three pillars of health –

  • Healthy diet
  • Physical exercise
  • Good sleep.

Make sleep a priority in your life.