Some unique tips for self-care and well-being

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Your well-being and self-care plan doesn’t need to be boring or mundane. You shouldn’t have to go out of your way to implant them. In fact, the best self-care plans are the ones that fit into your regular life and complement much of what you already do. That is the essence of wellbeing, living life in a way that takes care of you.

For this reason, we have compiled this list for the more colourful and full-of-life people.

1. Mindfulness, Self-Care and Wellbeing go Hand in Hand

Practice the art of focusing on the here and now without any preconceived expectations or assumptions. Be conscious of what you are doing and where you are now. Mainstream psychology now accepts mindfulness as valid science. Mindfulness brings down stress and anxiety by quietening down the video reel constantly running in the back of our minds.

Studies show that mindfulness stops our thoughts from wandering and sharpens the decision-making process. Mindfulness also stops us from being confused by other peoples competing advice and ideas. It is one of the best things to do to improve your overall self-care goals.

2. Being Happy is great for Wellbeing!

Well, that’s the whole reason for this article but we know, it’s easier said than done. If you needed any other incentive, research has now shown that being happy is directly linked with feeling healthier. Happiness triggers feel-good hormones in your body that reduce stress and anxiety, and those hormones in tune also make you feel happy…ier.

Find a simple daily ritual or memory you can bring up that makes you happy. Smiling is known to be contagious (no scientific data on this one) pretty soon you will be surprised by finding happy people.

3. Swear it off

Swearing is a good way to blow off steam and let out some frustrations. However, the golden rule being “timing is everything” so don’t do it at a board meeting or when you are meeting your partner’s parents or while in Church.

According to research swearing can reduce physical pain, and may even and let our pent up frustration and anxiety. Perhaps this is why drunken sailors swore so much – imagine being cooped up in a metal box for months on end with only other angry smelly men for company.

You can always find yourself a private place, a big park, working alone and just swearing away your frustrations and stress. It is quite possibly the best thing for others well-being too.

4. Indulge in some retail therapy

A study suggests that buying new clothes can lift your mood. This only confirms what shopaholics already know, that treating yourself to something shiny, special, and new is a pretty surefire way to put a smile on your face. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive.

However, we don’t encourage you to spend money on unnecessary things and stress out when the bills and rent are due. But at the same time, you should not deprive yourself of nice things through a misplaced sense of guilt.

5. Get it on for wellbeing’s sake

So… not all of us have this option, obviously. And no we are not encouraging sex by yourself… that’s a completely different area of self ummmm care.

Sex has a lot of amazing health benefits. It improves our mood, releases serotonin and dopamine (happy hormones), works up a good sweat, activates muscles and burns calories. It improves our immune system and makes our body more adaptable to protecting us better.

Another benefit of sex is the physical and emotional closeness and connectivity it brings with another person.

One of the key parts of self-care is to regularly cuddle and have an emotional and mental connection with another human.

6. Laugh out loud 

Because LOL. 

There’s an old saying which says, laughter is the best medicine, and science has shown time and time again that laughing out loud benefits our mental and physical health and reduces stress. By regularly having a good laugh, being jovial and positive in life we will connect with the people we laugh with  (because who doesn’t want to be around a funny easy going person) and foster better and deeper relationships.

If you need a bit of a kickstart to get your funnies these are some sure-fire ways you can get your mojo back.

Watch a funny movie or television series with your favourite actor or topic. Think Friends, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Mr. Bean or Scrubs or the all-time greats Monty Python.

Watch stand up comedy of your favourite comedy, personally, I can never go past Dave Chapelle. Who’s your favourite, or you can scan a few and find one that tickles your funny bone.

Read a funny story or even a comedic novel.

7. Look at something cute

Remember “Charlie bit my finger”?, part of the appeal was watching cute babies do silly things. One of the best mood boosters is looking at pictures of babies and baby animals.

Nowadays we are fortunate enough to have a huge array of platforms that we can access to lift our moods – Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, you get the idea or even old fashion picture books or magazine subscriptions.

Having these photos on your work desk, or study desk or taking a few minutes to browse through them will help lift your mood, make you smile and lift your spirits.

8. Declutter

Clutter equals chaos. It has been proven time and time again that hoarding and cluttering is a manifestation of deeply held mental and psychological unwellness. By allowing our clutter to grow helplessly we only sink ourselves further into this mental state.

Doing the opposite – regularly sorting out our clothes, papers and documents and things we own – will have the opposite effect. It will help you feel empowered, productive and overall make you feel cheerful and lighter. Think finding your inner minimalist, think  Mari Kondo.

9. Indulge in a massage

Most cultures around the world have a traditional form of massage as part of their well being protocol and rightly so. A good massage has untold health benefits, it soothes and heals muscles, reduces stress and anxiety.

Taking time out to do something good for yourself like getting a good massage, will increase your sense of self-appreciation.

10. Get out of town

As Australians, we love getting away (from work!!) with family and friends and enjoying the outdoors and each others company. So this will just reassure us now that we are doing it for a good cause.

Whether you are booking a trip to an exotic location or going somewhere nearby, time away from your normal daily routines and work pressure can help you refresh your focus and outlook. Maybe this will apply more after the Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, but it’s still worth knowing.

Studies have now shown that going for long periods of time without holidaying with family and friends puts both men and women at a higher risk of heart disease and stress. Being exposed to a new location or experience helps spark creativity and build memories, all of which help in reducing mental and physical health issues.