Beneficial Daily Ideas for Self-Care

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The beneficial aspects of self-care practice are plentiful. Quite often people of over plan and over complicate the self-care process. It doesn’t have to be expensive nor should you have to go out of your way. The following are some free and easy to implement daily habits that will have amazing results on your well-being.

1. Get into a Good Book

The benefits of reading are many. It has long been a cause of calm, serenity and relaxation for people over the centuries, and there’s good reason for this. Reading is actually really beneficial for our health. Research suggests that reading on a regular basis broadens our horizon and teaches us about the world around us. It keeps the mind sharp as it ages, reading fiction leads to more creativity and more open mindedness.

Reading at bedtime improves sleep and makes you more empathic and socially more astute. Having a designated reading space ensures we regularly attend to reading and broaden our horizons. 

So forget what the bullies and boofheads at school thought, reading is cool and makes you an awesome and person. 

 2. Take up Walking for its Beneficial Affects

Walking and running are cheapest, easiest and yet amongst the most beneficial exercises to do. People of any fitness level can do them. As with any exercise it helps lift your mood, reduce anxiety and stress. 

Walking and running are great for burning calories. You can do them with a buddy while adjusting the distance and difficulty level entirely up to your fitness and goals. Any form of exercise helps greatly to reduce symptoms of depression, so if you haven’t exercised for a long time or just want to feel good then lace up your shoes and hit the footpath. 

3. Bust Out A Yoga Move

Yoga has long (likes thousands of years long), been associated with healthy living and wellbeing. It is overall beneficial for the mind, body and spirit. It reduces anxiety, stress, depression, boosts mental health and well being, not to mention the physical advantages. 

You can easily find simple yoga poses and help them to erase any built-up tension.

4. Disconnect from The Matrix

We are very accustomed to being constantly wired and plugged into the “information super highway”. Though our lap tops, smart phones, smart watches and other devices, we are plugged in and travelling at a ind boggling speed. 

Deliberately taking a break from our devices and the internet for periods of time give our brains the much needed time to recharge, refocus and be able to operate at its optimal level. Focussing on the present and not being constantly distracted or pressured by social media and not constantly plugged is extremely beneficial for your mind and body.

5. Good Sleep is Highly Beneficial

Sleep is when our body recharges, removes waste material from our organs, blood, brain and nervous system. Getting a good nights sleep is extremely beneficial to your health and well being. 

For those who find it hard to get a good nights sleep you should start by attending to your sleep environment, if that doesn’t work then discuss with your GP or a certified sleep therapist.

A bad nights sleep can lead to heart disease, diabetes, early onset on mental health issues such as dementia and Alzheimer’s and lead to loss of productivity and positive interaction with family and friends.

Focusing on your sleep and prioritising your rest is as important as prioritising exercise and healthy eating. By taking quick naps during the day ice can experience amazing results.

6. Find a Cuddle Buddy

The science of cuddling is new but the practice is well cemented in human experience. Studies have now shown that physical contact reduces stress and releases the happy hormone oxytocin.

Hugging it out fosters greater friendship or closeness in a relationship and increases positive mood between people. It is beneficial for both the giver and receiver.

If you’re really desperate and there is no one familiar close by, you can also hug yourself… but not at the bus stop or anywhere in public.

Cuddling yourself can even pass as meditation.

7. Looking at Cute and Funny things are very Beneficial

Remember “Charlie bit my finger”? Part of the appeal was was watching cute babies do silly things. One of the best mood boosters is looking at pictures of baby’s and baby animals, puppies upon kittens upon baby dolphins.

Nowadays we are fortunate enough to have a huge array of platforms which we can access to lift our moods – Youtube, Instagram, Pintrest, you get the idea, or even old fashion picture books.

Having these photos on your work desk, or study desk or taking a few minutes to browse through them will help lift your mood, make you smile and lift your spirits. Here’s what else dogs can fetch for your health.

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