Introducing Script Concierge – A simple solution for telehealth script processing and fulfilment

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It is now available via After a telehealth consultation, you or your practice staff simply upload your patient’s prescriptions to Script Concierge and we’ll arrange for fast delivery of the medication from a network of pharmacies across Australia.

  • A convenient script fulfilment solution in under 30 secs.
  • No more searching for pharmacy fax numbers.
  • No more faxing and then mailing to pharmacy.
  • Our network of pharmacy partners will dispense and deliver.
  • Compete with emerging digital platforms who are luring your patients away with instant online scripts and instant consultations.

Script Concierge enables you to offer convenient modern digital experiences to your patients at no cost to your practice.

What challenges does Script Concierge solve?

Script Concierge is a script fulfilment solution for telehealth consultations, script renewals and any other situations where the patient is remote and requires a prescription. The current regulatory framework caters for remote script fulfilment between prescribers and dispensers.

Getting the script to the customer in these circumstances currently requires searching for contact details of a nearby pharmacy, then emailing or faxing the script to the pharmacy. In most cases, the pharmacy then follows up with a request for the script to be mailed to them.

These are all time consuming manual tasks and often come at a hard cost to the practice.

Script Concierge is a secure, easy to use solution for script fulfilment which streamlines the process for the prescriber, the pharmacy and the patient.

  • Sending a script via Script Concierge takes less than 30 secs.
  • No more searching for pharmacy fax numbers.
  • No more faxing and then posting scripts to pharmacies.
  • Our network of pharmacy partners will dispense and deliver.
  • No need to post the script to the pharmacy

Whilst e-prescribing is on the way, it will be some time before all pharmacies can dispense e-scripts. Script Concierge is the solution for now.

Who is behind the development of Script Concierge?

Script Concierge and Chemist2U were developed by the team behind Tonic Media Network who you may be familiar with operating screens and boards in GP waiting rooms. Tonic’s founders are Dr Norman Swan and Dr Matthew Cullen.

Start using Script Concierge today. Go to

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