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  • Video: Can exercise help Parkinson's disease?

    New research has found that an intense exercise program may help people with early stage Parkinson's delay a worsening of the disease.

  • Video: Can pet dogs help heart disease?

    People who keep a dog as a pet have lower rates of heart disease and enjoy a longer life. Owning a dog can help with exercise motivation and provide a form of social support.

  • Video: Can blueberry juice reduce risk of dementia?

    Drinking concentrated blueberry juice may improve brain activation in areas associated with cognitive function in healthy older adults. And so choosing a diet high in a variety of fruits and vegetables and including berries may go some way to reducing the risk of declining brain function in older age.

  • Video: Baby brain: real or not?

    So-called 'baby brain' is reported by many pregnant women. Now researchers have reported increased cognitive decline in pregnant women compared to non-pregnant women.

  • Video: Does breathing retraining help asthma?

    Do breathing retraining programs improve asthma outcomes? Most people with asthma rely on drugs to control their symptoms, but can breathing retraining help as well?

  • Video: Fast eating is a health hazard

    Eating food slowly appears to be good advice with new research showing that fast eaters are at higher risk of weight gain and metabolic disease.

  • Video: Is coffee good for your health?

    Coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages in the world, but is it really good for your health?

  • Video: Protein overnight for muscle mass maintenance

    Overnight protein ingestion may delay the normal muscle deterioration seen in older people, which is known as sarcopenia.

  • Video: What happens to your fat cells when you miss breakfast?

    What happens to your fat cells and your metabolism when you skip breakfast? It depends whether you're lean or obese.

  • Video: The keto diet: fact or fad?

    The keto or ketogenic diet is a very popular weight loss strategy at the moment. Find out what your doctor wants you know about it in this short video.

  • Video: Breast cancer treatment - is chemotherapy always necessary?

    A US trial known as TAILORx looks at using a new gene test to see whether chemotherapy adds any extra value to hormone treatment, in women with early breast cancer that is hormone positive and HER 2 negative who are at middling risk of recurrence.

  • Video: Exercise benefits gut bugs

    Exercise can be an important factor in changing the microbial population of the gut (known as the gut microbiome) for the better, research has shown.

  • Video: Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

    Video: Sadly, 84 Australians die of bowel cancer each week. However, if caught early 9 out of 10 bowel cancers can be successfully treated. Watch this video to find out more about bowel cancer and hear from Anton Enus how bowel cancer screening allowed his cancer to be detected.

  • Depression symptoms can be improved by diet

    Improving diet may be one step in reducing symptoms for people with depression

  • Early treatment can help anxiety

    Researchers investigated the effectiveness of psychological and educational interventions for preventing anxiety and found a modest benefit from both.

  • An active body for an active mind

    Maintaining adequate levels of physical activity and reducing time spent sedentary over the long term is good for the brain.

  • A garlic clove a day may keep bad heart health away

    Garlic may help with lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so increasing your garlic intake may be a safe and simple way to promote a stronger, healthier heart.

  • How fast are you ageing?

    Biological ageing can be predicted by a combination of blood and physical tests.  Interestingly, the data leaves some 38 year olds having the biological health of people well into their fifties.

  • Does boiling green vegetables reduce their nutritional benefits?

    Boiling vegetables results in the loss of minerals, vitamins, some sugars and the phytochemicals that help deliver health benefits.

  • Interrupting the Alzheimer’s pathway

    Are there risk factors we can influence to reduce our risk of Alzheimer’s disease?