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  • Outback nurse treats his own heart attack

    An Australian nurse in the outback diagnoses and treats his own heart attack. Listen to Dr Norman Swan's award-winning interview with Ryan Franks about how events unfolded.

  • Video: New cancer test is as good as gold

    With as many as half of all Australians expected to be diagnosed with cancer by the age of 85, a simple blood test that could initially detect 90 out of 100 cancer cases looks like a promising advance.

  • Keep fit in middle age to avoid latelife depression

    People with a higher level of fitness in middle age had a lower incidence of depression when they got older.

  • Video: Are headphones harming children's hearing?

    There’s a link between listening to music on headphones and high-frequency hearing loss in children.

  • Video: Is hemp the new superfood?

    Is hemp the new superfood? The seeds contain 25 per cent protein, and are high in amino acids and essential minerals as well as being a rich source of vitamin E.

  • Video: Hitting the books hurts your eyesight

    Spending extra years studying has a whole heap of benefits, but it doesn’t do your eyesight any good. Find out how to offset the effects on your eyesight.

  • People with coeliac disease can't always trust store-bought food

    Food stores are serving up gluten in their foods even when it’s advertised as gluten-free - and in some cases, they don’t understand the difference.

  • Video: What concerns young Australians most?

    A recent survey by Mission Australia has revealed mental health concerns were foremost of the most important issues concerning young Australians.

  • Vitamin supplements may do more harm than good

    A review looking at the health effects of vitamin and mineral supplements concludes that they give no consistent health benefit with even some evidence for harm.

  • Health habits for a longer life

    Adopting five key health habits of a healthy diet, regular exercise, not smoking, moderate drinking and maintaining a healthy weight can add up to a decade of extra life.

  • Video: One in 4 Australians is lonely

    An online survey has found a quarter of Australians feel lonely 3 days of every week and 1 in 5 Australians feel they have no-one to talk to or turn to for help.

  • Video: Gluten sensitivity may exist mostly in the mind

    Gluten-free diets are one of the popular dietary trends at the moment. With the clear exception of coeliac disease, growing research is calling into question if a self-diagnosed ‘gluten sensitivity’ is related to gluten at all.

  • Health Diary: National Skin Cancer Action Week

    More than 2000 people in Australia die from skin cancer every year. Of the 3 types of skin cancer, melanoma is the most dangerous. If treated early it's curable. Find out how you can check your skin to detect any changes sooner rather than later.

  • Video: Skin cancer ABCDE

    Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world - 2 out of 3 Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time they are 70. Get sun smart and check your body regularly for signs of skin cancer.

  • Video: Fibre and gut bacteria improve diabetes

    Changing the diet of people with type 2 diabetes to include more high-fibre foods has been found to promote the growth of beneficial gut bacteria that are linked to a direct effect on improved blood glucose control and greater weight loss.

  • Video: Healthy habits need a nudge

    Nudge theory involves using little nudges to encourage healthier behaviours. Dr Caroline West reports the results of a trial which gave workplace cafeterias a nudge makeover and the effects it had on people's food choices.

  • Video: Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem

    A growing number of bacteria have become resistant to antibiotics. The World Health Organization warns that antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats to human health.

  • Video: Antacids a risk for child allergies

    Acid reflux is common in babies and it’s sometimes treated with acid reducing drugs, but is treating your baby with an acid-reflux medicine causing more harm than good? Dr Caroline West investigates.

  • Video: Exercise trumps genetic risk of heart disease

    Keeping fit can reduce your risk of heart disease, even when your genetic risk profile is high.

  • Video: Men's health - know your risks

    Despite rising life expectancy, Australian men are more reluctant to go to the doctor and are less honest when they are there than women. Make November the month you consider your health risks.