Muscle workout: calves

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Two great exercises to work your calves, gastrocnemius and soleus

Double leg calf raise: gastrocnemius

Stand with feet hip width apart. If necessary steady yourself against a wall for balance. Keep your ankles, knees and hips in vertical alignment. Press down on the balls of your feet and raise your body upwards. Keep your abdominals engaged to ensure vertical movement. Lower heels and return to a standing position. Stand on a box or stairs to extend the range of movement. Add weights for more intensity.

Do 2x sets of 12 to 15 reps.

Seated calf raise: soleus

Sit on a chair, feet flat on the floor. Keep knees aligned over feet and do not turn knees in or out. Lean forward. Hands on thighs near knees. Push down to add resistance. Press on to balls of feet to raises heels. Lower heels to starting position.

Do 2x sets of 12 to 15 reps.


The exercises and information included in this article are general. If possible you should seek more personalised exercise advice and have your strength training tailored to your individual needs. If you have an existing injury or any health problems, or you do not already exercise regularly several times each week or you are middle aged or older, first check with your doctor about your suitability for a resistance training programme.

Before starting your resistance training, ask a trained fitness instructor about the correct technique involved in such a programme, including ways to progress your fitness gradually and minimise injury risk.