Muscle workout: abdominals

by | Muscle Workouts

Here are two effective exercises the strengthen your abdominal muscles.

Bicycle crunch

Lie flat on the floor, pull your navel in to target your deep abs while pressing your lower back into the ground. Place your hands behind your head and bring your knees in towards your chest.  Lift your shoulders off the ground using your abs, don’t pull your head up with your neck.

Straighten one leg while rotating your entire upper body towards the stationary bent knee. Bring your opposite elbow across to touch the stationary bent knee. Repeat on the opposite side.

Do 3x sets of 20 reps.

Hip lift

Lie on your back. Bend at your hips raising your legs straight into the air perpendicular to your torso. Pull your naval in towards your spine to engage your core. Lift hips slightly off the floor, legs remain pointing straight up then slowly lower hips back to the floor.

Do 3x sets of 10 reps


The exercises and information included in this article are general. If possible you should seek more personalised exercise advice and have your strength training tailored to your individual needs. If you have an existing injury or any health problems, or you do not already exercise regularly several times each week or you are middle aged or older, first check with your doctor about your suitability for a resistance training programme.

Before starting your resistance training, ask a trained fitness instructor about the correct technique involved in such a programme, including ways to progress your fitness gradually and minimise injury risk.