What is The Process of Egg Fertilisation and Storage?

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Egg Fertilisation and Storage

So most eggs in a cycle will be fertilised and will be used. But if the eggs are not mature, they don’t have a chance of forming in a successful embryo and so the eggs are generally discarded at that stage.

In terms of embryos, if a woman, if a patient has a successful pregnancy, embryos can be stored under strict conditions, they can be frozen for several years to give the couple or the woman a chance of the second pregnancy if she desires. Once the patient’s family is finished, women have a few options for their embryos. If there are any extra remaining, they can choose to respectfully discard those embryos. Alternatively, it is an option to donate the embryos to another couple. And occasionally, there are some science research that they can be useful but that’s not possible in Australia at the moment.

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