How Soon After IVF Can I Do a Pregnancy Test? Dr. Katrina Rowan

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Within the IVF cycle, the IVF units and the nurses will organise a pregnancy test at the earliest possible accurate date to see whether you’re pregnant.

Generally, that occurs about 12 days after an embryo transfer if you have an embryo transfer on day five. Whilst occasionally positive pregnancy tests and urine tests can be positive before that date, we do encourage women to wait until the date of their pregnancy test, as it is much more accurate, and earlier tests can give you false results and lead to false hope.

Dr Katrina Rowan is a fertility specialist, reproductive endocrinologist and reproductive surgeon with consulting rooms in the heart of Sydney’s CBD. Katrina prides herself in her ability to guide and educate her patients. With her support, patients feel comfortable and deepen their understanding of their own unique fertility situation.