What Can’t I Do on IVF? Dr. Jenny Cook answers

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I really, in answering this question, I want to dispel the myth that suddenly you’ve got a lot of restrictions placed on your life when you start IVF treatment because that’s not the case at all.

What can’t I do on IVF? You need to live your life normally. You need to go about your normal activities, but there would be a few things that we would stress you don’t do. And one those things would be to not overheat, such as going into a spa or a sauna.

And we always advise you after the embryo transfer not to do anything that might force water up [your uterus] at high pressure, such as water skiing or things like bungee jumping – although not a lot of women will be doing that.

Dr. Jenny Cook is a Fertility Specialist who works at the Monash IVF clinic. She has published widely in the area of Gynaecological Laparoscopy and has presented at many national and international meetings. She is recognised for her experience in laparoscopic gynaecological procedures.