The Side Effects of IVF Process – Dr. Jenny Cook

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The vast majority of women will go through IVF without any significant side effects at all.

The main side effect that we would really focus on, is something called ovarian hyperstimulation, which is where you can start to stimulate 30 or 40 eggs instead of, ideally, about five to 10. That can be associated with a lot of bloating and discomfort but clearly we’re monitoring you very closely to ensure that that doesn’t happen. I think the process of IVF can be an emotional rollercoaster for many women, and we’re very conscious of that.

And I think the ups and the downs is something that you can’t underestimate. That may be an effect of the hormones, it may be exacerbated by the hormones, but it may also be associated with the underlying emotional journey which is part of the IVF process.

Dr. Jenny Cook is a Fertility Specialist who works at the Monash IVF clinic. She has published widely in the area of Gynaecological Laparoscopy and has presented at many national and international meetings. She is recognised for her experience in laparoscopic gynaecological procedures.