What are some of the impacts of bulimia?

by | Diet and Weightloss, Mental Health

Bulimia is an eating disorder, which involves bingeing and then purging, so you feel guilty and you purge, and there are all sorts of problems that can arise with bulimia.

What are some complications of bulimia?

First of all, there’s psychological issues. So there’s a lot of depressions, a lot of anxiety, a lot of distress, so these are not nice conditions. They are high risk of mortality, ’cause they can often overlap with anorexia nervosa. Your teeth can be affected because of the constant purging and making yourself vomit, the acid on your teeth. And it can cause abnormalities of sodium and potassium in your blood stream, which can also affect, really seriously affect, the way your heart operates. So there’s lots of problems attached with bulimia.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist