What Does Alcohol Do To My Liver?

by | Healthy Living

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People often ask, “What does regular alcohol bingeing do to my liver?” Well, it depends on what you call regular.

So regular could be once a month or regular could be once every two days or regular could be every day. And what we’re talking about with bingeing here, people think, well, bingeing is a massive amount of alcohol.

Bingeing means you drink and you change your psychological state. So you feel woozy and a little bit drunk. That’s bingeing, so however much alcohol you’ve drunk, if it affects your conscious state in any way, you’ve just binged. So that puts it into perspective.

There are a number of drinks. Bingeing is not good for you. Over time, it does damage your liver, but it also has a psychological effect. So the come down after bingeing can make you quite depressed and feel low. And that is not good and in some people if you’re already depressed, it can actually make you think about harming yourself and all sorts of negative dark thoughts go through your head.

So bingeing is really not a good idea. So when people say that you can have two standard drinks a day, you can’t save that two drinks up for a Friday night. That’s two standard drinks a day. So you just should not be drinking a lot on any one occasion for any reason.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist.