Does Protein Requirement Increase with Age?

by | Diet and Weightloss, Healthy Living

It is essential to maintain a good level of protein intake throughout our life for good immune system and muscle and cell rejuvenation.

That’s a really good question. We’ve got to maintain our protein intake throughout our life.

One reason why the immune system of older people declines is not just ageing of the immune system, it’s that the nourishment that the immune system is getting from your diet is not sufficient. So you’ve got to maintain a highly diverse diet. Ideally, a Mediterranean style diet with adequate protein in it. Whether that source is from beans, lentils, fish, white meat, maybe a little red meat is up to you. It is really important to maintain your protein levels.

Your body still needs that protein to regenerate muscles, to keep your immune system going and keeping you as fit as possible.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist