Athlete’s Foot

by | Dermatology, Foot Health

Athlete's Foot
Fungal growth on the foot is caused by lack of fresh air, locked in moisture. It is easily treatable.

Ooh, that looks itchy! Is it stinging or burning? You might have Athlete’s Foot, which is a common fungal infection. Some people call it tinea.

Wearing tight shoes or wet socks helps the fungus grow. Don’t worry, you’re not going to start growing mushrooms. Athlete’s Foot is very contagious, so try not to share footwear or walk barefoot in bathrooms, gyms, locker rooms, and places like that.

There’s plenty of treatment options for these type of fungal growth, including creams. Be sure to keep your feet clean and dry. Don’t worry, symptoms of athlete’s foot should clear up within a couple of weeks.