What Percentage of Sydney Do You Think Have Covid-19?

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What Percentage of Sydney Do You Think Have Covid-19?

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COVID 19 has probably been underdiagnosed by a factor of around three in Australia.

But even allowing for the fact that there’s three times as much infection as we know about, it’s still not infected very many Australians at all, well, well under 1%.

Compare that to Britain where in July it was 6% of the population. Far more than that now, in fact, after their second or third waves. So it’s a tiny, tiny proportion of Australians have been infected with the virus, which means the vast majority of us are vulnerable to infection.

And that means when the vaccine comes along we’ve all got to get immunised if possible, nobody’s going to be forced to, so that we get increased coverage.

Because you only need a small proportion of people unimmunised and that could actually still be a significant epidemic.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist