Infected by Unvaccinated Relatives – Dr. Norman Swan

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Dr Norman Swan

Physician, journalist & broadcaster

Those who are fully vexed with two doses and a booster jab are far less likely to get infected than those who are unvaccinated. Even amongst the few fully vaccinated people who catch Covid-19, it’s effect will be very weak.

If you’re over 60 and fully vaxxed, your chance of being infected is very low. And by “fully vaxxed” I mean you’ve had your booster if you need it. In other words, six months after your second dose, you’re really well protected against infection.

You’ve probably got an 80% reduction in getting infected. This is regardless of whether you had Astra or Pfizer, particularly if you’ve had the booster. If you haven’t had the booster, Astra maybe 60%, Pfizer maybe 80% protective. So that’s a lot of protection. But you could get infected. And if you do get infected, you’re not going to get seriously ill.

So whilst it’s a problem that your son doesn’t want to get vaccinated, it’s more of a problem for him. That is because he’s risking becoming seriously infected and ill. Now that we’re up to 90%, 95% coverage with those 16 plus, maybe even 12 plus, there are very few people around with the infection, therefore decresing your likelihood of being infected.

In general, the risk of getting infected for vaccinated people to unvaccinated people is really pretty low. The risk is in fact to them themselves.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist