Why Is Finding The Right Fertility Team So Important? – Dr. Jenny Cook

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I can’t stress enough that it is so important to find the right team, the right fertility team to look after you. That involves someone who’s going to listen to you, who’s going to be available to answer your calls or emails or any concerns that you might have.

Someone who’s gonna be able to sit down with you and thoroughly go through step-by-step in the workup, explaining the results of all the investigations we do and explaining your options in terms of the way forward, because IVF is not for everyone, ovulation induction is not for everyone. It’s a matter of making a decision about what is the right pathway forward for you.

I only act, I’m one person, but I’m working as part of a team and that involves a team of nurses. You want to find the right team of nurse who are going to be there for you, who are going to be supportive and the right team of scientists. We’ve also got counsellors and psychologists available.

Dr. Jenny Cook is a Fertility Specialist who works at the Monash IVF clinic. She has published widely in the area of Gynaecological Laparoscopy and has presented at many national and international meetings. She is recognised for her experience in laparoscopic gynaecological procedures.