Developmental Milestones

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developmental milestones
It is normal for new borns and infants to reach developmental milestones and different ages but they’ll get there in the end. Developmental milestones are skills and behaviours that are seen as newborns, infants, and children develop. There are guidelines related to emotional, physical, sight, and speech development. These give us a general idea of when these milestones are commonly reached. Typically, between the ages of three to 18 months, infants and children will learn to rollover and crawl. Then sit up, walk, and begin to talk. But it’s also normal to reach some milestones earlier, and take longer to reach others. If you do have concerns about your child’s developmental milestones, there are therapy options available. Sometimes though, you just need to wait a little longer because they’ll get there in the end. Related resources: Newborn Baby Senses Child Development Milestones Baby’s Development in the Womb