What Are The Symptoms Of Arthritis? Dr. Jennifer Stevens

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arthritis and exercise
Arthritis pain is often most severe first thing in the morning and delays the start to your morning.

Symptoms of Arthritis

So, arthritis, the most common symptom that you’ll be familiar with, is the pain.

And it’s often the kind of pain where the first thing you wake up in the morning, you think, Oh, I just don’t want to bend over and put my socks on until maybe I’ve walked around for a minute or two, and brushed my teeth or got myself a cup of coffee. So it’s pain, that’s often more severe, very first thing in the morning, just the stiffness that goes with it. And sometimes you can end up with a swollen joint. It might be warm. It might be quite tender and inflamed as well.

So, that’s the kind of problem that you get with arthritis is these joint problems. And you can either have osteoarthritis, which is by far the most common one, and that gets more common the older you get, unfortunately. Or rheumatoid arthritis would be the next most common one. And that’s much more associated with intense inflammation and swelling and redness.

Dr Jennifer Stevens is a Pain Specialist at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney and Pain Australia