Vaccines for Covid-19 – Most Studied in History – Dr. Norman Swan

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The Covid-19 vaccines are most the closely scrutinised vaccines human history for safety and done so in such large numbers. First there are the clinical trials which were done with each vaccine. These trials were done with approximately 40,000 people each.

Current Vaccines

Doctors and scientists knew the immediate side effects were going to be a sore arm, feeling fatigue and flu like symptoms. These obviously vary in degree according to the individual and the the vaccine being taken. With the Astra Zeneca vaccine, most of the side effects occur after the first dose. With the Pfizer vaccine it’s often after the second dose. There are some assertion that side effects are more common in women, and those that take the Pfizer vaccine, but these statistics are just not absolutely clear enough to make any time claim.

Vaccine Side Effects

The minor side effect is that in the first couple of days you will feel a little uncomfortable and just “not right” but it will go away shortly.

The serious side effects have only emerged more recently. This is the result of the vaccines going into the global market place and being injected into billions of people. These patients came from starkly different backgrounds and equally varied medical back ground. This provided a large and an extremely detailed study group for the scientists and vaccination experts to research and study from. We have never before had this sort of data. We now know that the side effects are so rare we might never have noticed them. This is because they’ve been hidden in amongst the noise, because we’re looking closely now , we’re find them.

Likelihood of Death – Vaccine vs from Covid-19

The chances of young people acquiring the blood clotting problem from the vaccine is approximately one in 30,000. Compare this to your chances if you catch Covid-19. Your chances of hospitalisation from Covid-19 is one in 50, your chances of death are one in 100. Your chances of getting blood clotting from Astra Zeneca is one in 30,000, of death its one in a million. The medical truth is that in a country like Australia the chances are probably even lower. This is because we are picking up the clotting problem up early due to our advanced health care system. So that’s the answer regarding concerns about the Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Moderna Vaccine

With regards to Moderna, there is a risk of inflammation of the heart muscle or the of the heart. This is particularly in young men receiving the vaccine, they then required hospitalisation for three or four days. The side effect aren’t critical and they get better from it. So those are the main side effects. It’s important to remember that, looking at the history of our past vaccines for other illnesses, we know that if there is going to be serious side effects they often occur within the first six months after vaccination.

All of the vaccines we are offering in Australia have been used for much longer than six months. They have been used in billions of people, across the globe. So we pretty much know what the safety profile is. There has been no history of long-term side effects from vaccines. What you see, largely is what you get.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist