New changes to MBS item numbers for ECGs

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ecg item number changes

From 1 August 2020, patient rebates for ECG services provided by GPs no longer include reporting, with available rebates restricted to item number 11707 (currently 11702) for tracing only, reimbursed at $19.

GPs will be able to request – but not access – the following items that will need to be accompanied by a referral for a specialist or consultant physician:

  • 11704 (currently 11700, 12-lead electrocardiography, tracing and report)
  • 11705 (currently 11701, 12-lead electrocardiography, report only where the tracing has been forwarded to a specialist or consultant physician, not in association with a consultation on the same occasion)
  • 11714 (12-lead electrocardiography, performing a trace and interpretation)

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