What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

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What are the symptoms of throat cancer?

The most common way that we find out about a throat cancer in a patient is that they feel a lump in their neck. At other times they might feel pain on swallowing or difficulty swallowing, but it’s often the presence of a lump that brings this to attention. And it’s a lump that doesn’t go away.

How is throat cancer diagnosed?

It’s often treated with antibiotics. doesn’t go away, stays there, and eventually a biopsy, which means putting a needle into that lump, is done. And that’s how the diagnosis is made. The other way it can present rarely is as part of a routine examination. For example, you go to the dentist, who’s looking in your mouth, and they see something at the back of the throat or at the back of the tongue, and that is how it comes to attention.

Professor Michael Boyer is Medical Oncologist at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse

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