Video: The cost of obesity in life and death

by | Diet and Weightloss

Video transcript

Obesity is among the top risk factors for ill-health in Australia & can lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke and even cancer.

Nearly two-thirds of Australian adults were overweight or obese in 2014-2015 and those numbers continue to rise.

Its effects are costing us a fortune in life and death:

  • Hospitals have already had to modify services to accommodate larger patients;
  • Regular coffins & cremators are too small for their inhabitants necessitating the provision of larger coffins and larger entrances to cremators to cater to the average Australian’s increased girth; and
  • Bigger coffins mean larger graves, despite metropolitan areas already experiencing a shortage of plots.

We need to get obesity under control. Eating healthy food & regular exercise are the first steps. But there’s plenty of support – If you think you or your child are overweight, talk to your doctor, or search this website for more information.