Calcium-boosting ideas for your diet

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Here are 12 ideas to help you increase your calcium intake. The recommended daily intake of calcium for adults and teenagers is between 1000 mg and 1300 mg, depending on your age and sex. Generally, between 3 and 5 serves of dairy each day should provide enough calcium to keep your bones strong and healthy.

Ideas to increase your calcium intake
250 mL glass of milk Pancakes with fruit and 200 g of natural yoghurt
Fruit smoothie or milkshake 125 g ricotta with raw vegetables (e.g. carrot, celery, capsicum)
200 g yoghurt Oysters, prawns and mussels, dressed with yoghurt and lemon
2 slices grilled cheese on toast Add skim milk powder or grated cheese to mashed potato, stews and casseroles as well as baked food
Fresh fruit salad with 300 g custard Add parmesan cheese to pasta dishes
Breakfast cereal with 250 mL milk and fruit Combine natural yoghurt with lemon zest, basil, mint or garlic as a salad dressing or drizzled over grilled meat skewers

Sources of calcium

Each of these items will provide 300 mg of calcium.

Each of the following foods will provide 300 mg of calcium
250 mL (1 cup) fat-reduced or regular milk, or soy beverage with added calcium 40 g cheddar cheese
200 g tub yoghurt 5 cups Asian green vegetables
125 g almonds (with skin) or 150 g without skin 100 g firm tofu
175 g cooked mussels 1 kg broccoli or 600 g green beans
approximately 6 oranges 1.5 lattes
150 g tinned red salmon (with bones) 100 g tinned sardines
200 mL buttermilk 125 g (dry weight) white beans
25 g Parmesan cheese 150 g dried figs