Video: Depressed and anxious – Australian women

by | Mental Health, Women's Health

Video transcript

Female, depressed and anxious? You’re not alone.

Australian women are smoking less and exercising more. Yet, most feel anxious on a daily basis. And many women have been diagnosed with depression.

The Jean Hailes Foundation has recently surveyed more than 15,000 women across Australia regarding their health concerns, habits and needs.

Almost half surveyed had been diagnosed with depression or anxiety by a doctor or psychologist.

Two-thirds of women reported feeling nervous, anxious or on edge nearly every day.

The survey also found that women worry about their health, particularly their weight, and getting enough time to themselves. Half the women who took the survey describe themselves as overweight or obese.

9.5 per cent of women drink alcohol every day. Yet 70 per cent of women say they do at least 2 hours of moderate exercise per week. And hardly any of the 15,000 women were regular smokers.

This is a complex set of issues around gender and the responsibilities of work and home. There is no shame in admitting stress, anxiety and depression. Talk to your doctor and go to websites such as beyondblue.