Overcoming Lockdown Fatigue – Dr. Norman Swan

by | Coronavirus - COVID-19, Mental Health

alt overcoming lockdown fatigue
Fighting lockdown fatigue is essential to keep you physically and mental healthy so we can all enjoy the freedoms that will come at the end.

Lockdown fatigue is a real thing. It’s hard to actually know exactly what is the right thing to do to overcoming lockdown fatigue. You have got to get out for exercise everyday. Therefore you exercise for the maximum amount of time that you’re allowed to each day. That’s gonna make a big difference.

If you exercise daily you may meet people along the way. Have a short conversation with them. That would be good for you. You’ll be in a better mental state and feel a sense of community. This will help you overcome lockdown fatigue. In states like New South Wales, you’re able to have picnics. That is gonna happen in Victoria as well.

You really have got to use that outdoor activities available to you. You need to maximise the ability to meet people safely, such as you’re allowed to the maximum extent possible. This is the best way to overcoming lockdown fatigue.

Dr Norman Swan, Physician and Journalist