9 Signs your child may have OCD

by | Kids and Teens Health, Mental Health, Symptoms

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of anxiety disorder where the person has unwanted repetitive thoughts (obsessions), which lead to compulsive behaviours (compulsions), which the person thinks will alleviate the anxiety if they are done.

OCD can only be diagnosed by a qualified healthcare professional, so if you think your child is showing signs or symptoms of OCD, take them to see your family doctor for assessment. Here are 9 signs which can indicate a child has OCD.

  1. They are constantly washing their hands, showering or bathing.
  2. They have a fear of dirt and germs.
  3. They are compelled to tap or count repeatedly.
  4. They have little routines that must be done to stop bad things happening.
  5. They like to keep things and have problems getting rid of possessions, even when they have little practical value (hoarding).
  6. They have rituals that they are compelled to follow.
  7. They check things over and over – more than just the occasional double check that something has been done.
  8. Rather than just wanting to be organised, things have to be organised a certain way, often with noticeable patterns or symmetry.
  9. They have intrusive thoughts of a sexual or violent or harmful nature.
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